Omega House Legacy Society
You can become a member of the Omega House Legacy Society, and leave a legacy of compassion, by including Omega House in your will or estate planning. A Legacy Gift to Omega House may provide tax advantages for you and your heirs, and we encourage you to consult with your tax advisor, attorney, or financial planner regarding such gifts. The options listed below give you flexibility, control and the enjoyment of your assets until your death. Your Legacy Gift to Omega House can be recognized, or you may remain anonymous. Omega House has created a Planned Giving Advisory Council with experienced professionals from our community who help advise us in the area of planned giving. Please call if you would like more information about the Legacy Society or planned gifts to Omega House.

A bequest allows you to support Omega House in the future without giving away your assets during your lifetime. You can make a bequest donation in your will or living trust by designating Omega House as the beneficiary of cash, real estate, securities or by leaving us a percentage of your estate after all other obligations have been fulfilled. A bequest remains revocable until your death, allowing you to change your mind at any time. If you have chosen to include Omega House in your will, please let us know.

Beneficiary Designation
This is the simplest way to leave a Legacy Gift to Omega House. Some assets like retirement plans, life insurance policies and annuities are not distributed as part of your will or trust, as the beneficiary is determined by whom you list on the “beneficiary designation form” provided by your account administrator. You can request to update your designation form at any time and simply name Omega House as the full beneficiary or partial beneficiary of your plan’s assets. You may change your mind at any time prior to your death.

Retained Life Estate
This gift allows you to enjoy and control your home, camp or cottage and transfer ownership to Omega House upon your death. It saves you or your heirs the hassles associated with selling real estate, it avoids probate, and may even provide tax advantages. This gift will not impact your property taxes, as the principal residence exemption will be unaffected, and the taxes on your property will not be “uncapped.” Thiis gift can also be changed or revoked if your circumstances and needs change. Gifts of real estate must be approved by the Planned Giving Advisory Council prior to acceptance by Omega House so please contact us if you are considering a gift of real estate.

Contingent Gifts
“Contingent Gifts” are recommended by many estate and financial planners. These gifts serve as a contingency plan should something unforeseen happen to your primary beneficiaries. The gift comes into effect only if your primary objective is not possible. Contingent gifts can be made by a will, trust or a beneficiary designation on life insurance or a retirement account, such as an IRA.

Complex Gifts
There are several gift options that are more complex than those listed. These gifts include: Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities. These gifts can provide tax advantages for you and your heirs but do require the assistance of an estate or financial planner experienced in these matters.
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