Our Mission: To provide a home-like environment where people at the end of life may live fully, receiving compassionate and competent care from professional, volunteer and family caregivers.
Our Care: Residents and their families receive individualized care that addresses their physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social needs. Hospice caregivers help control pain and symptoms so residents can live each day more comfortably and with dignity.
Our Vision: To be a community leader and resource for end of life care issues.
Honoring Veterans Veterans represent one-third of all residents served at Omega House. We are honored to serve these residents and have established a special fund to assist in providing care to any veteran in need of local hospice care.
Current News
KHF Brings Holiday Happiness to Omega House
December 26, 2014

December 23rd brought true Holiday happiness to Omega House with a $5000 donation from the Keweenaw Health Foundation (KHF) to the Omega House Cancer Fund. In presenting the check to Guy St. Germain, Omega House Board Treasurer, Ed Jenich, Executive Director of the KHF and Michael Luoma, Medical Director of Aspirus Keweenaw, acknowledged the dedicated work at Omega House. Thank you!

We Honor Veterans
June 24, 2013

POW flag raising ceremony
at Omega House.
Front row, left to right:
Mike Abbott kneeling,
former POW Robert Bob Peterson seated,
daughter Terry Peterson,
Christine Bohnsack.
Back row: Omega House staff and
board members.

In November, the national We Honor Veterans (WHV) Program named Omega House the first health care organization in the Upper Peninsula to reach Level 3 status.

Omega House Vice President and WHV committee chair, Christine Bohnsack, helps lead the organization’s veteran outreach initiatives. “In meetings with VFW groups, church groups and civic organizations, we provide information about the special needs of veterans near the end of life. One out of every two dying males in our country is a veteran. We have served many veterans since we opened and I feel it is important for Omega House to be part of this national program. We take pride in our commitment to serving veterans, and we are deserving of this recognition from WHV.”

WHV team member Ray Weglarz, RN believes in the importance of this education and advocacy for veterans. “We live in an area of our state and nation with a strong history of pride in military service and in voluntary enlistment. The number of veterans per capita in the western UP is among the highest, and the distance between VA clinics and VA hospitals is among the farthest, making access to care close to home a significant issue for our area veterans.

“Through our participation in WHV we have strengthened our relationships with VA health care providers, including the Hancock VA Community Based Outreach Clinic (CBOC) staff and doctors, and the hospice and palliative care staff at the Oscar G. Johnson Veterans Medical Center in Iron Mountain. They have seen first hand the quality of services we provide to veterans. They have met and spoken to our staff and volunteers about their programs and services. Western UP veterans have told me they feel there is a need for another state veterans home to care for elderly, disabled and dying veterans. Jacobetti Veterans Home in Marquette is 100 miles or more from many of our area veterans. I hope that happens, but until that time it is important that veterans know we are here, willing and able to serve them.”

Dr. Larry Skendzel, Medical Director for the Jacobetti Veterans Home in Marquette, is one of the few Upper Peninsula doctors board certified in hospice and palliative care. He visited Omega House last fall and spoke privately with some of our veterans. Larry said, “Organizations like Omega House are islands of refuge. It helps make for the kind of community I want live in, and for the kind of community I hope to die in.”

Christine noted, “Sometimes a veteran is best served and understood by another veteran. To help fill this need we have developed a ‘Veteran to Veteran Volunteer Program.’ We now have seven veteran volunteers who can visit with our resident veterans. One of our veteran volunteers is a chaplain as well. I am proud that Omega House is the first organization in the entire UP to reach Level 3 in the WHV program; it shows our commitment to serving our veterans.”

A Home Away from Home for Veterans — We Honor Veterans
Arpil 15, 2013
The house has been quite busy these past months with many residents. On one occasion Omega House was home base for 3 WWII veterans at the same time who served in Europe, North Africa and state-side. We are happy to serve them, and their stories fill the house with rich real life history.

As participants in the national We Honor Veterans program, Omega House developed a Veteran to Veteran volunteer program. Six area veterans now volunteer to visit residents who are veterans. Scott Dahlstrom is one of our Veteran to Veteran Volunteers and said, “It is a wonderful experience for me, being able to share stories, veteran to veteran, about the service we have made to our country and sacrifices for freedom. These sacrifices should not be forgotten and their stories should be retold again and again,so their message of honor and love of county won’t be lost. We all need to honor these heroes and share their stories.”

Why Omega House?
April 3, 2013
Omega House offers a peaceful, homelike environment for terminally ill people and provides end-of-life care that emphasizes compassion, independence, respect and dignity. In cooperation with local hospice programs, Omega House provides residents with exceptional care and attention 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Residents and their families receive individualized care that addresses their physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social needs. Hospice caregivers help control pain and symptoms so residents can live each day more comfortably and with dignity.

Any person in a hospice program or who would qualify for hospice care is eligible to live at Omega House. Medications, supplies and equipment are usually paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances. Learn more...